Parineeti Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist, Story, Spoilers, News and Crew

Parineeti Realse Date:

Parineeti is a famous Indian TV serial that was premiered on Colours TV in February 2022 and still running. This serial got more attraction because of its Cast and acting made this storyline come alive and attract various audiences to it. This serial is full of twists in the storyline. This serial also discusses various social issues and for that, it was liked the most. The director of this serial is Kushal Javeri under Balaji Telefilms Production and the producers of this serial are Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor.

Parineeti Serial Cast And Main Role:

This serial won the hearts of its audience with its cast performance. You can see various stars from India in this serial like Tanvi Dogra played the role of Neetii, the second wife of Rajeev and Parineet’s best friend. Ankur Verma played the role of Rajeev, husband of Parineet and Neetii. Yukti Kapoor played the role of Parineet in this serial. You can also see a lot of other stars in this serial from the Drama Industry.


Parineeti Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story of this serial won the hearts of the audience because it is a love triangle between Neetii Juneja, Parineet Kakkar, and Rajeev Bajwa. Parineet aka Pari and Neetii were best friends from their school time and both of them were famous because of their friendship and never lived without each other. For that sake, all the people at their school and neighbors called them Parineeti. After college, the family of Neetii decided to go to another city, and after that, both of them separated from each other after a very long time. Parineet is a daughter of the Sarpanch of the village and her father had a lot of land. A selfish and greedy person, Rajeev Bajwa Pretended that he was in love with her and wanted to marry her. Parineet also liked him and decided to marry him and they got married but after some time He just left her alone at her house and went to Mumbai.

In this city, he started to live with his uncle and then hid his identity and went after a girl in his neighborhood, Neetii and he introduced himself as Sanju to her. Neetii slowly fell for him and both of them decided to marry each other. On the other side, Parineet came to Mumbai in search of her husband Rajeev but there she met with Neetii and then Neetii asked her to stay with her in her house but in the night time, Rajeev came into the house Neetii to meet her but there he saw Parineet and ran away. After some time, Neetii and Sanju got married and then Parineet came to know about the matter. When Parineet tells the truth to Neeti she refuses to accept this and she blames her that she wanted to take Sanju away from her and from this their friendship slightly changes.

Parineeti Upcoming Story Twist:

What comes next? To watch all the coming episodes and news related to this serial stay in touch with us on our website Yodesitashan and enjoy all the stuff for free. Does Neentii believe her friend Parineet?

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