Imlie is a Hindi TV serial that premiered on Star Okus in November 2020 and about three seasons of this serial have come out now. This serial is also present digitally on the OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar for later watch. This serial attracted a larger audience because of its cast performance. This was directed by a famous director Atif Khan and its producers are Gul Khan and Ramoji.


The story of this serial revolves around the life of a village girl, “Imlie. She is forced to marry a journalist, Aditya because they spend a night together under a roof and all the villagers take it misunderstood. After that, their lives take turns. Aditya was a journalist and had a fiance waiting for him but when he came back city with Imlie. His family refused to accept her and then his fiancé tried her best to separate them from each other.


For the sake of their family members. Aditya left Imlie but he had a connection with her and then married Pakhi her fiancé. After some time, when Imlie stands up on her own feet. She came back in his life. To watch what comes next stay in touch with us on our website yodesitashan. What happens when everyone knows that Aditya never divorced her?