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Naagin Plot Story:

Naagin is a popular Indian drama and a famous series of Colors TV serials that won hearts in a very short time period. This serial is a great remake of a supernatural serial and this contains the theme of revenge and care about family and for that sake, they can do anything. There are More than 6 seasons of this series came out to TV screens and still working on the next seasons. This serial was directed by Rajan Kumar Singh and its producers are Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor.

Naagin Serial Cast:

In this serial, various stars were cast in this drama in season one. Mouni Roy played the main Naagin role and after that, in Season 3 Surbhi Jyoti played the main Naagin role. In season 4 you can watch Nai Sharma who played the main leading role in this serial and many other stars like Jasim Bhasin, Rashami Desai, and many others are also present in these serials.

Naagin 7 Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story begins with the death of a male snake Hriday as he was killed by a group of eagles. When eagles had control over the Earth they killed snakes and wanted to get their Naangmani because Antone who had that thing considered the most powerful person on the Earth. For that sake, The Lord of Snake gave a Naagn the power to shift the shape of a human and her name was Sarvashreshtha.

She converted into a human being and the snake that was killed by the eagle was her husband and for that, she came in human shape to take revenge on the. One of the eagles fell in love with her and then he also converted himself into a human being. Naagin didn’t know that eagles had also the ability to convert from eagles into humans. That eagle had the name of Aditya and came into the life of that Naagin and then they got married because he belonged to that family where eagles lived and for that sake.

After some time when she was taking revenge from them one by one, she had a fight with a strong Eagle and the master of that one and in this fight, she got seriously injured and no one could safe her from dying for that Eagle Aditya brought her to the temple of the snake to safe her live because he was an eagle and can’t enter into the temple.

If he tried his best to enter that temple of snakes then he would lose his eagle powers for that girl he did this and after some time when she became healthy and recovered from this situation she came to know about the whole matter and then they both fell in love for each other. After that Aditya went to the Lord of eagle and asked him to finish that battle with snakes.

Naagin 7 Upcoming Story Twist:

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