KumKum Bhagya Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist, Story, Spoilers, News and Crew

KumKum Bhagya Realse Date:

KumKum Bhagya is a long-running Zed TV show that is regarded as one of the best on Indian television. This show began in 2014 and has a fascinating story that is only getting better.

KumKum Bhagya Productions by:

 Ravindra Gautam directed this television show for Balaji Films Productions. Ekta and Shobha Kapoor make films and television shows.

KumKum Bhagya Serial Cast with real names (Actos and Actress):

The actors of the show KumKum Bhagya rose to prominence due to the popularity of their performances. This show features several Indian actors. The primary actress, Sriti Jha, plays Pragya. Shabir Ahluwalia is the lead actor. This drama features numerous well-known actors, including Mugdha Chaphekar, Krishna Kaul, and Abrar Qzai.  

KumKum Bhagya Written Updates With Full Storyline:

Sarla is the most important person in the KumKum Bhagya and she is a mom who takes care of her kids on her own. She had a venue for weddings in the city and two daughters. Her daughters grew up, and Pragya, the oldest, was very kind. When people saw Abhi, who was a famous rock star, they didn’t approve. Alia, who is Pragya’s sister, was in a romantic relationship with Abhi’s friend Purab, even though he liked Bulbul. When Alia discovered that Purab loved another person and she mistakenly thought it was her, she arranged for her brother to marry Pragya instead, which made Pragya very unhappy. Her brother did it to make Alia feel good.

In the present episode, Diya accidentally lets her phone fall from her hand. Poorvi answers the phone and reads the message. Diya says he said “I love you” first, and then I said it back to him. Soham’s dad said they weren’t sure if Soham would like Diya, but last night we were surprised to read their message. Vishaka and the others make fun of her. Diya says she fell in love as soon as she saw him. Soham’s mother says we have to wait until Poorvi’s paper rasam happens, but she has to leave.

RV remembers Poorvi while he is at work. Monisha goes there and hugs him. She says she understood what he was thinking and wondered if he went to Poorvi. He wants to know why. Monisha says your grandparents really like her and they told Deepika, who told her. She answers her friend’s phone call and has a conversation with her friend. She tells RV that she can go shopping now that he’s here, and it’s a win for her love. She hopes his love is as honest as hers. Khushi goes to the receptionist and says she wants to see the RV. 

Khushi went to RV’s house and said that he was too scared to come in because of Soham and his parents. He says he saw her looking at him. Khushi said that she was very scared because she thought he had kidnapped her and her family was also scared. He says it’s great. She said he didn’t want to come inside, and she felt happy. She tells him she will make him suffer this time.

KumKum Bhagya Serial,s  upcoming twists story:

In the upcoming episode, RV tells Khushi that he wants to come to her house. Khushi gives him papers to end their marriage and tells him to sign and send them back. He rips it and says you will be sorry.

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