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Imlie Realse Date:

Imlie is a famous Hindi TV serial that was famous for its unique story concept that came out in November 2020 on Star Plus.

Imlie Produced by:

This drama was also present on Disney+ Hotstar for later watch. This serial attracted a lot of people with the performance of their cast and this make this serial a perfect look. The director of this serial is a famous Indian TV serial director Atif Khan under the Ramoji Film City production and the producer is Gul Khan.

Imlie Serial Cast:

The cast of this serial is very famous because of its performance and that melts down the hearts of the audience with their acting in this serial. The main leading role of Imlie was played by the famous actress Sumbul Touqeer. She played various serials in the Indian industry. The other stars from the Indian drama industry are “Gashmeer Mahajani, Mayuri Deshmukh”, Fahmaan Khan, and Megha Chakraborty.

Imlie Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story begins with the entry of a journalist Aditya in the village of Pagdandiya. In this village, a young girl with a good heart lives. Her name was “Imlie. She lost her father and mother in an accident and lives alone in her house. Aditya came to that village to make a documentary on that village. The famous thing about that village is their rules. One of these rules is that if a woman is caught with a man in her house they have to marry each other otherwise, whole the villagers kill them. The same incident happened to the. One night during the shoot.

A heavy rain broke out and they ran to find shelter. Aditya ran and knocked at the door of Imlie for shelter and she allowed him to stay at night in her house until rain stopped and when all the villagers came out the next morning. Aditya came out of Imlie house. All the villagers take it wrong and then they catch both of them and force them to marry each other otherwise they kill both of them.

After their marriage, Aditya brought Imlie to his home. His fiancé waiting for him and when she saw both of them she got angry and after that Aditya revealed the whole truth to the family and all the family members blamed this on Imlie and Imlie had no one where she went and for that sake, Aditya decided to take her with him for few days until he found a suitable shelter for her but in these time, Aditya fell in love with Imlie and both of them a feeling for each other. On the other hand, the fiancé of Aditya, Pakhi got very jealous to see all of this. She tried her best to produce hurdles between them but failed. Aditya decided to live forever with Imlie and for that sake, they decided to live separately from where they started their lives from tart.

Imlie Latest News:

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