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Anupama Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actress) And Main Role:

The cast of this serial attract more viewers with their performance and acting. In this Indian serial, you can see a lot of drama stars here. The main role of Anupamaa was played by Rupali Ganguly. She was a middle-aged woman who gave her best in this drama and also became famous because of her performance. You can see many other stars like Madalsa Sharma, Gaurav Khanna, Paras Kalnawat and many more.

Anupama Plot Story:

Anupama is a popular Indian television serial production of Star Plus and this serial won the hearts of audiences with its unique storyline and the performance of its Cast. This drama first came out on the screens in July 2020 and is also available on the OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar. This serial was produced by Deepa Shahi and its director is Romesh Kalra.



Anupama Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story of this serial was very much liked and loved by the audience because this serial discussed various social issues that a single woman had to face in society. The story begins with the introduction of a Middle-aged married woman, Anupama. She tried her best to make her family happy and to stick them together. For that, she also financially supported her family and after that, she did all the housework alone without complaining about this but she was very appreciative of her work and this made her sad at least she deserved all this because of her harshness. Her husband was a very famous businessman but he had a secret affair with his secretary.

When Anupamaa and her three children came to know about this they were shocked. The eldest son stand up with his father because of money while her daughter said I don’t believe that and this make her more sad. Her youngest son Samar stood up with her and they decided to leave that house and she demanded divorce from him.
After the divorce, Samar and her mother went to New Delhi where they started her life from start.

Samar was just in college and Anupamaa again admitted him to the college to complete his studies and for his fee, she did a lot of house jobs. She also opened an Academy in her house and soon this got viral and a lot of children came to her for tuition. She also opened a cafe in her town and now her life got settled but a twist came out when Samar fell in love with Nandini. Nandini was a cute girl and she was the niece of Kavya.

Kavya was that woman who had a secret relationship with Anupamaa’s husband. This thing created a problem between them. When Samar convened her mother there to go to her house and asked for the hand of Nandini she met with Kavya and she returned from the doorstep after that, their situation ran down. Kavya thought that Anupamaa was the reason for her resignation from the company and for that sake, she wanted to destroy her. For that sake, she broke out a fire in her café and that cafe was destroyed in that fire.

Anupama Serial Gossip:

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